Inquiry of Accomodations.
Manager: Evan Ahn.
Abroad Call
Office: +82.070.4012.0082
Mobile: +82.10.4939.5263
Domestic Call
Office: 070.4012.0082
Mobile: 010.4939.5263
As period of APPA conference, May is a very popular season. A lot of conferences and school trip groups visit Jeju.
Due to peak season in Jeju, reservation for flights and accomodations may be difficult.
Participants are encouraged to book flights and accomodations in a hurry for attendance.

Reservation has been closed.
Please contact us through the following numbers if you have any questions.
YEHA TOUR: +82.070.4012.0082
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YEHA TOUR: +82.070.4012.0082